Monday, June 27, 2011

Even More Historical Last Words!

"This is a hell of a way to die."
-George S. Patton (he had just been in a bad car accident.)

"Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can’t drink any more."
-Pablo Picasso

"Lord help my poor soul."
-Edgar Allen Poe

"I have not told half of what I saw."
-Marco Polo

"Okay, I won't."
-Elvis Presley (Those were his last words to fiancée Ginger Alden. She had told him, when he was on the way to the bathroom, "Don't fall asleep in there.")

"Now I will show you how an Italian dies!"
-Fabrizio Quattrocchi (Italian security officer taken hostage in Iraq early in the Iraq War. When his captors came to execute him he rose from his knees, refused to kneel back down, and said these words.)

"Forward! For God's sake, forward!"
-John Reynolds (Union General at Gettysburg seconds before he was shot by a Confederate sharpshooter.)

"Yes...A bullet-proof vest."
-James W. Rodgers (Asked if he has any last requests before facing a firing squad.)

"I have a terrific headache."
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt (he died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage.)

"Please put out the light."
-Theodore Roosevelt

"We are the first victims of American fascism!"
-Ethel Rosenberg (referring to her and her husband, Julius, who were both the first people executed in the U.S. for treason. They had supposedly passed on information about the atomic bomb to the U.S.S.R.)

"I'd like to be in hell in time for dinner."
-Edward H. Ruloff ( convicted serial killer and last person to be executed by hanging in the State of New York.)

"I'm going over the valley."
-Babe Ruth

"Put out the bloody cigarette!"
-Saki ( Spoken to a fellow officer while in a trench during WWI, for fear the smoke would give away their positions; he was then shot by a German sniper who had heard the remark."

"Roger, go at throttle-up."
-Francis Richard "Dick" Scobee (These were his last recorded words before the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, killing him and six other astronauts.)

"For God's sake look after our people."
-Robert Falcon Scott (These were the last words he wrote in his diary, before he froze to death.)

"Dying is easy, comedy is hard."
-George Bernard Shaw

"But the do the peasants die?"
-Leo Tolstoy

"I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have."
-Leonardo da Vinci

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