Tuesday, January 18, 2011

George H.W. Bush

Term: 1989-1993



Short Bio:
Bush was able to get elected, like Nixon had tried to do, by riding coattails. Reagan was still seen as a popular president when he left office, and since Bush was his vice-president, it was common sense that America should have him continue where Reagan left off. In his presidency, many foreign issues took the president's time. During Bush's tenure, the Cold War ended withe collapse of the Soviet Union, relations with China became strained following the suppression of a student protest in Beijing, American troops overthrew Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, and the U.S. led an international coalition to victory in the Persian Gulf War against Iraq.
In domestic affairs, however, the president and Congress failed to arrive at a consensus on many issues. Bush inherited a large burden of debt and had to face the Democratic-controlled Congress throughout his four years. Nevertheless, Bush was able to get Congress to pass the Disabilities Act and the Clean Air Act. Bush's presidency was plagued by economic budget issues and had to raise taxes, even though when he campaigned, he asked the American public to read his lips, "No New Taxes!"

Bush seemed to have too many things going on with foreign issues, and that took away from domestic issues. He couldn't seem to get the economy going again, and his broken promise to not raise taxes caused the American public to not reelect Bush to a second term, even though he had won the Persian Gulf War.

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