Sunday, September 12, 2010

James Buchanan

Term: 1857-1861

Party: Democrat

Nickname: Ten Cent Jimmy

Short Bio:

James Buchanan had an illustrious career and especially one that kept him overseas often. This meant that he had little to no knowledge or opinion on the slavery issue. He was a northerner that didn't really like slavery, but didn't want the south to secede, so he went with whatever they wanted. Buchanan even went as far as saying in his inauguration speech that the slavery issue in the west was of little importance. Buchanan meant well, but shied away from making any big decisions, and I mean any. When South Carolina found that Lincoln had been elected, they seceded from the union. Buchanan decried them, but felt that the government had no place saying that they had no right to secede. He gladly gave up his position to Lincoln in 1861.

Grade: E

The first E! Buchanan is arguably the worst president of all time for doing absolutely nothing to stop the Civil War from happening. Plain and simple, he was awful. I'm sure he was a nice guy, but he needed to man up and tell South Carolina what was up.


  1. E? Do teachers give E's now? Back when I was a teacher, we skipped straight from D to F. For FAIL. Because kids were able to take the truth. E... What is this world coming to?

  2. I know! There are no more F's! I would give Buchanan one though.