Monday, August 9, 2010

John Adams

Political Party: Federalist

Term: 1797-1801

Nickname: His Rotundity

Adams kept all of Washington’s cabinet members, which was seen as a weakness of the president at the time. Adams also had to deal with the continuing war between France and Britain. He decided to follow Washington and stay out of the ordeal. Adams presidency is somewhat marred by allowing Congress to pass the Alien and Sedition act which made it so foreigners could not become citizens until living in the country for fourteen years and allowed the government to deport anyone they found to be a threat to the nation. This proved to be extremely unpopular and sullied Adams one term as president.

Grade: C
While keeping with Washington’s views, he loses points for the Alien and Sedition act. Adams as a one-termer was not able to accomplish as much.

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