Monday, June 28, 2010

Questions for the President

If you could ask current President Barack Obama three questions, what would they be? I'm not talking if you wrote him a letter, I'm talking you got to have a private meeting with him and have the chance to ask him three questions. I'm well aware that not everyone likes the current president, but I could give the same scenario with any president. If you don't want to pose your questions to the current president, than choose another president.

Here are my three questions:

What past president would you compare yourself to and why?

What are some ways you feel you can effectively reach across the aisle?

What are some ways you think we can get out of this economic crisis? What plans do you have to curve it?

It doesn't matter what president I talked to, it would just be nice to have a conversation with the leader of the free world.


  1. Wow, I was totally thinking in another direction...

    1. Can you give me a job at the White House?
    2. Does the government have proof of extraterestrial life?
    3. Who killed Kennedy?

  2. If we're going that direction then I could ask a lot of different questions! I like those ones, though!